May 3, 2012


After all, he’s been president before. He’s running again. But his religious views would probably make him unelectable these days.

You’d have to look far and wide to find a defender. USA today tried.

A self-described “long time conservative activist” in New Hampshire doesn’t like Mitt and doesn’t want his fellow travelers to like him either according to this reported email.

kos comments on the results of a Granite State Poll on the current popularity of the New Hampshire congressional delegation.

Romney called a bigot.

February 21, 2007

A recent post from Andrew Sullivan’s popular blog raises the question of a Mormon’s “bigotry” against a theoretical atheist. Nothing makes a more potent cocktail than religion and politics. But we won’t make things better by ducking the big issue in the world today.

Dodd at the brewery

February 17, 2007

Saw my first candidate in the flesh for this season. I went to a Christoper Dodd ‘meet & greet’ at the Red Hook Brewery at Pease Tradeport. No TV trucks in the parking lot! Wasn’t even postitive I was in the right place until I finally spotted a small sign in the bar entrance directing me to an upstairs meeting room overlooking the brewery’s vats and other equipment. Of course even though I was intentionally a little late there was no sign of the candidate. Sat there in a group that was eventually maybe forty people. Dodd got there 20 minutes or so later just as the free food was being put out. Is that intentional?

He talked for a little bit and then took questions; altogether an hour or so. One gent tried to press him to say exactly when he realized he had been mistaken about supporting the Iraq war. And said that he had personally asked Hillary the same thing and gotten an evasive answer. Don’t recall anything notable about Dodd’s response.

Anyways, it seemed like the ‘traditional’ sort of Cow Hampshire early candidate visit; not the recent Barack or Hillary kind. If only for selfish reasons, I hope the tradition continues. If lightning should strike and he makes it to the White House, I can say I was one of the first to shake the little known candidates hand.